Virtual Humans & Characters

Now you can truly simulate every part of what happens in the real world. Our Virtual Human Solutions allows you to have key roles and characters represented in your experiences. Add Virtual Characters to your Immersive Ecosystem, deployed in VR Simulations, AR Experiences, Apps and more. Our Virtual Humans have the same high fidelity as seen with our flagship VR Simulation Experiences.
Realistic Virtual Humans enable believable interactions that are certain to create long lasting experiences for people to explore, learn, practice. Increase your user engagement through Simulated Human Experiences.

Power Your Performance

with Virtual Humans:


  • VR Simulation across team based scenarios
  • Customer Facing Service and Care Roleplaying
  • Leadership Based Training
  • Empathy and Behavioural Skill Development
  • Immersive Story Telling
  • Virtual Tour Guides and Historical Characters
  • Augmented Reality Tours and Characters
  • Gamified Experiences

High Fidelity Characters

7DX Virtual Human Solutions options include:

  • Custom Animation Character World and Models, Designed by Art and Animation team
  • Facial Motion Capture, capturing expressions from actor, team member or subject matter expert
  • Full Body Motion Capture, capture body animations performed by a real world to simulate life like actions and movement
  • Augmented Reality applications for utility or engagement.
  • Facial  + Full Body Capture – Recreate real world human interactions and scenarios with having live performances captured to map out your virtual characters.

Bring any role playing scenario to life. Facial motion capture capabilities allows full human emotion to be expressed by Virtual Humans. From simple conversations across to handling high pressure life threatening situations, characters can perform any action sequence. Talk to us about capturing your content to simulate your experience.

Get in touch to learn about Virtual Humans and recreating what happens in your world in VR/AR.

Interaction Insights

All 7DX Virtual Humans can have interaction tracking enabled. This allows user insights to be send to 7DX Sim.Training Dashboards to track learner progress. Virtual Humans can be customised to include various Simulated Roleplaying scenarios that scripted. Advanced Virtual Human Interaction AI can also be applied depending on your experience requirements. Contact Us to about your Virtual Human needs. Learn more about Sim.Training Dashboards

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At 7DX, we can recreate every potential scenario Simulation Training participants may face in reality, including roleplaying and human to human driven outcomes. Through exploring, witnessing and interacting with both positive and negative outcomes users are empowered to own the skills needed for high pressure situations and the skills are transferable to real world scenarios. Make 7DX your Mixed Reality Department and start your Immersive Learning journey today.

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