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Our Simulation Training Solutions recreate what happens in the real world, allowing people to reliably and safely walkthrough any scenario. Used in a variety of industries to overcome logistical, safety, operational and practical challenges, every Simulation is tuned to ensure everyone receives the same learning opportunities.

Learning through Simulated practice means users can also receive consistent and accurate feedback. We take this further by building in custom tracking that can be applies to the key areas that matter to measure competency and skill development. 7DX Sim.Training™ Solution provides the creation of learner profiles to link simulation run stats, and updates their progress. Ready to be deployed for any custom VR Simulation build.

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7DX has launched Sim.Training Dashboards, making the same systems used by leading organisations to track learner progress, is now available for all our VR and AR experiences. Our Cloud based Dashboards make it easy for your team to login and view the progress of your team before advancing them onto the next learning experience, sending onto the field and more. Sim.Training Dashboards are customised to only track the elements that matter to help your team have a reliable reality check, to ensure the right decisions are made to grow, maintain and advance your workforce.

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At 7DX, we can recreate every potential scenario Simulation Training participants may face in reality, including roleplaying and human to human driven outcomes. Through exploring, witnessing and interacting with both positive and negative outcomes users are empowered to own the skills needed for high pressure situations and the skills are transferable to real world scenarios. Make 7DX your Mixed Reality Department and start your Immersive Learning journey today. Call us on 1300 747 848 or email us at