Our Recent Work

VR/AR Simulation Training Transport for NSW

Hyper-real immersion for powerful training outcomes, to support trackside maintenance engineers at Transport for NSW. Guided Trackside Maintenance in a safe interactive learning experience for boosting skill development. Deployed across VR, AR Microsoft Hololens 2 and as an AR powered mobile app.

Healthcare VR Simulation Training NSW Health

We partnered with Northern Sydney Local Health District to provide opportunities for staff to enhance their knowledge in simulated Maternity Ward environments and scenarios. The goal for these VR Simulations and Immersive Learning Circuit is to maintain on a strong focus on reducing rates of 3rd and 4th degree perineal tears and to offer an insight into the patient experience.


Interactive AR Walking Trail King Street Wharf, Sydney

Welcome to the King’s Feast Augmented Reality Trail. This WebAR experience launches from markers across the world famous promenade, unlocking a world of indulgence, excess, fun and excitement.

VR Safety Training Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW revised their Substation Safety Training to deliver training in a hyper-real VR Simulation. This enables all learning to be delivered without being present in a live high voltage site to practice with both guided practice and graded unguided scenarios.

WebAR Guided Tour – Sydney FC

Augmented Reality gives fans an early glimpse into their new home ground. Built to be true to scale, giving a real world representation of seat views and more. Fans can check out new stadium features, look at new maps of the local area and explore the new stadium from inside and out.

Immersive Learning by 7DX

We specialise in designing and deploying VR & AR tools to improve development for all kinds of skills and practices. By understanding existing training and desired outcomes, we can explore novel ways of learning through practice driven experiences. Immersive Learning engages people unlike ever before.
7DX focuses to leverage scientifically proven cognitive benefits, so experiences are built to drive results. Experiences are developed on the 7DX L.E.A.P. (Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Performance) Platform, allowing rollouts to leverage user ready UI, systems, tracking and analytics for rapid deployment of complete learning programs.

VR Behaviour Change Activation Sydney Trains

Transport NSW and Sydney Trains sought to engage their customer base in an innovative fashion, with the aim of reducing over 3,000 reported safety incidents annually. 7DX was commissioned to use creative technology to mitigate safety issues with reduced learning time to drive behaviour change.

Teaching people to be more situationally aware with VR has been incredibly powerful. 81% of survey respondents claimed to have changed their behaviour 7 days after the experience.

AR Interactive Experiences

The physical world is yours to customise with Spatial Content, UI, Systems and Gamified Mechanics. 7DX will show you how to launch your experience to suit your needs from WebAR to AR Powered Apps. We help unlock new interactive possibilities with their fingertips. Launch bespoke experiences across various platforms, devices and AR headsets like the Hololens 2.


VR Cognitive Drills NRL Kangaroos

Virtual Reality playmaking simulation was used to enhance decisions making, accuracy and impulse control. With the aim of boosting cognitive performance capacity under pressure and fatigue.


Virtual Commerce by 7DX

See products, get immersed in a VR store environment and choose your design, customise, preview and complete your purchase.


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