VR Simulations

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VR Simulation Training allows us to fast track learning outcomes, eliminate risk, reduce costs and maximise engagement. Most importantly it dramatically enhances learning outcomes.


Welcome to the Immersive Learning Revolution

7DX specialises in creating and deploying immersive learning and training programs, purpose built for enterprise level scenarios.

We combine Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) technologies with Behavioural Science and Learning methodologies, setting the foundation for our Up Skill Simulations. Simulation use case examples:

  • Safety Training Programs
  • Induction Programs
  • Company Onboarding/Immersion Programs
  • L&D Programs
  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Process Learning
  • Compliance Programs
  • Cognitive Performance Programs


The Up Skill VR Simulation training platform includes Sequence Training Milestones, Data and Analytics, and the customisable Performance Dashboard that can be altered based on your needs.

7DX will collaborate with you to design your own training modules on the Up Skill VR Simulation platform to elevate the training process for any learning situation. Our team will work closely with your operation to understand all areas of theory and practice to combine them in an immersive learning experience for users to advance their skills using these tools, which result in much stronger learning and performance outcomes.

Cognitive Sciences

Our VR Training Simulations activate key areas of the brain enhancing engagement, memory retention and spatial learning, which result in strong transfer of what is learnt to real world scenarios. Coupled with training data and insights, skill development can easily be tracked for a clear understanding of your learning investment and results. Virtual Reality Learning also allows training to scale on a new level, being easy to roll out to countless users over time, reducing travel requirements through digital distribution and reducing the need for mass training gatherings. Some recent Upskill Simulations include:

  • Water Safety Drowning Prevention Simulation
  • High Voltage Power Substation Safety Training
  • High Risk Operational Training
  • Logistics and Delivery Risk Reduction Training
  • Workplace and Cultural Inductions
  • Virtual Showroom

Let’s explore your training scenario and how we can improve the reach, rollout and results of your learning program.


Collaborate with the Simulation Training Experts

At 7DX, we can recreate every potential scenario Simulation Training participants may face in reality, including high risk or dangerous real world outcomes, without placing users in any danger. Through exploring, witnessing and interacting with both positive and hazardous outcomes users are empowered to own the skills needed for high pressure situations and the skills are transferable to real world scenarios.

Combine your Up Skill VR Simulation with our Management Plan for complete support. Our technicians can work with your team to walk through how to conduct a VR Training Session through your custom built Learning Simulation or guide new users through the sequence. Updates, changes and feature roll outs can easily be requested with rapid remote deployments.

Make 7DX your Mixed Reality Department and start your Immersive Learning journey today.

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