SydneyFC launches AR Stadium Reveal Experience

January 30th, 2022

Sydney FC has turned to Augmented Reality to give fans an early glimpse into their new home ground and let people find their favourite view of the action.

In anticipation of the Sydney Football Stadium opening later this year, Sydney FC have launched an Augmented Reality Experience that gives users an interactive preview of the stadium to explore.  The WebAR Solution let's people activate the experience through an AR portal, with the Sydney FC crest spawning the stadium. The AR experience was built to be true to scale, giving a real world representation of seat views and more. Users can check out new stadium features, look at new maps of the local area and explore the new stadium from inside and out. 

The Sky Blues legend and former Captain Alex Brosque is your guide through the Augmented Reality Tour. When launched in a large enough play area, people can expand the AR Stadium to a point where they can actually stand in the middle of the pitch.

Sydney FC Chief Executive Officer Danny Townsend said: “Using augmented reality is a highly exciting way to deliver the experiences we will be providing our Members and fans with once the stadium opens. “This way they can choose their seats, their Membership packages and the experience they want from attending Sydney FC games from the comfort of their own home. 

Julian Ward, 7DX CEO said: “The experience has been balanced to deliver a creative impact, as well as being functional and giving fans engaging content. What we can achieve now with WebAR and no app is fairly powerful.” Today it is key to prioritise accessibility so WebAR became the perfect platform to create fun sized simulations that have a wider reach than our custom hyper-real VR simulations. WebAR also allows us to do interesting things with perspective, making the world people can step into bigger or smaller than it would in real life, increasing the potential for unique immersive interactions we build into each AR experience.


How it works

The WebAR experience is launched by opening a link or scanning a QR code. Launch on your mobile or tablet onto a flat surface like a tabletop or the ground. The 3D stadium can be rotated and expanded alongside other useful information to explore spatially with maps and hotspot areas.


Try it here: SydneyFC AR Stadium Experience









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