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Cutting edge hardware meets smart experience design. Upgrade your Technology with Spatial Computing: Augmented Reality Hardware, Systems, Tools and more. Explore the 7DX formula to create workforce tools to drive better results. Enter the world of Spatial Computing to interact, connect and perform like never before.


AR Tools and Systems will change how your team gets things done:

  • Augmented Guidance and Tips
  • Real time Viewing
  • Remote Assistance
  • 5G connectivity for mobile capabilities
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Spatial Meeting and Presentations
  • Multi User Experiences
  • Mixed Reality Training and Walkthroughs
  • Workplace Specific Hardware
  • Microsoft Mesh Ecosystem
  • Hands Free AR Viewers
  • Enterprise Grade SmartGlasses & AR Viewers
  • Custom AR Systems
  • Interactive Planning with Digital Twins
  • Onsite Environment Overlays
  • Analytics Capture & Interactive Insights
  • Biometric Tracking Device Integration
  • Sim Training Dashboards


7DX is an Open Eco-system Immersive Technologies studio, allowing us to launch your tools with the right to suit your real world applications. Partner with 7DX to stay up to date across the latest hardware, systems and production capabilities to ensure your team is operating with the right tools for the best results. We will help you navigate through the various Holographic displays and Heads Up Displays (HUDs):

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • Nreal
  • Realware
  • Toshiba dynaEdge
  • Vuzix Blade AR
  • Lenovo ThinkReality
  • Epson Moverio BT-300
  • Snap Spectacles AR
  • Magic Leap
  • Vue
  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
  • Raptor AR
  • Kopin Solos
  • Merge XR Headset


Enterprise Grade Eco-Systems

7DX has partnered with various Tier 1 and Government organisations to build ready to go systems to connect AR Viewers, biometric trackers, apps and experiences. This includes Sim Training Analytics Captures, Web Dashboards, User Profiles, Progressive Timelines. These tools will save you development time and get your team using the benefits of Augmented Reality with trusted frameworks, ready to be customised with what matters to your operation.



Augmented Reality Solutions

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At 7DX, we help unlock ways we can redefine your environment, brand, story, message, content and ways you connect to your audience. Our team will understand your goals and review all areas of execution to show you what’s possible. With a finely tuned production analysis framework, we can quickly help you review your options for unique Custom AR experiences. With an explosion in AR capable and 5G-ready devices, we’ll help you plan for the future of content delivery.

AR Solutions are catered to your audience, environment and budget. Contact our team to understand more about how Augmented Reality Solutions can change your world and all those who are a part of it.

Make 7DX your Mixed Reality Department and start your Augmented Reality journey today.

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