7DX named one of APAC’s 10 hottest AR/VR solutions providers!

June 28th, 2019

With outstanding solutions and results for organisations like AMP, The NRL and Transport for NSW in 2018, 7DX is so pleased to be named one of APAC’s 10 hottest VR/AR solutions providers by CIO Advisor.

The publication recognised our approach of combining behavioural science with simulation training to influence people's opinions and behaviours as ‘unfolding a new chapter of AR/VR solutions’.

It went on to say, ‘With the help of spatial computing and extensive knowledge in behavioural science, 7DX curates captivating and effective AR and VR that taps into different parts of the brain capable of memory encoding. This approach allows the brain to convert VR content into construct that is stored in the brain like an experience is. Thus, people retain the overall message and details much better than conventional messaging or learning.’

It also explains ‘This is where 7DX’s game-changing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality solutions really excel.’ Julian Ward our CEO explains “Leveraging AR/VR technologies, we are able to develop immersive experiences that blur the line between the real and virtual worlds for an optimised brain response, powered by the cognitive benefits these tools enable”. “Along with that, our content is equally engaging and enjoyable, making it a win-win engagement for all.”

We are proud to have leveraged the benefits of AR/VR technologies for Learning and Development and the science that powers them to help organisations like Telstra, Salesforce.com and the Australian Institute of Management drive better outcomes for their staff, partners and customers.

CIO Advisor particularly made reference to work we have done with Transport for NSW to educate commuters on Rail Safety through an immersive VR simulation. They stated ‘The outcome of this engagement were remarkable: more than 80% of people in their post seven-day survey stated that the VR-based safety program resulted in them changing their behaviour towards safer commuting.’

You can read the full CIO Advisor article on this link.

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